(Debatably) Epic Spriteventures

Merry Christmas, you wonderful sods.

Here’s to more spriteventures in 2014!

Ask 018

Trott’s always happy to give his friends a hand [tap dances away]

Ask 017


We’re back! No, not really, but I had this idea earlier and loved it too much to wait until I was ready to come back for real. But hopefully when I do return, I can continue to create asks that make me as proud as this one did. Consider this a small taster of things to come - good things, this time.

Quick Update

Just to clarify, I’m still here, and Spriteventures is not dead.

It’s not coming back soon, since I’m in a bit of a creative rut right now, but I’ll see if I can do something before next year. When it does come back it’ll likely be a weekly update, so that I don’t burn out like I did last time. It’ll let me focus strictly on one ask at a time, so they don’t get all rushed and awful.

See you in a couple of months hopefully?!


I didn’t want to have to do this, but I think I must, for two reasons.

1) Those personal issues I mentioned are becoming more problematic than I was expecting, meaning I never really have time to work on asks, and when I do have time, I’m too drained and such to do them.

2) Recently I’ve been less and less satisfied with the asks I have been making, which isn’t good for you guys either. I need to rest for a little, get back into the spirit of things, and when I do, maybe slow down a little so that the same thing doesn’t happen again.

I know this is a sucky thing for me to do so early, not long after earning 50 followers too. But when I want to make something, I want to make it good, and I don’t feel like I am right now. I’ll still always be around if you need anything, but for now, I’m putting Spriteventures on the back burner.

You guys are great. Thanks for all the support and such so far. Hopefully I can make it up to you when Spriteventures returns. <3

Ask 015

"I have an issue of "Fins with Benefits" for a Mr. Christopher Trott?" "Oh, no, my name is Ross Hornby. No, no, it’s art.”

Ask 14 (?)

I’d be lying if I said I had any idea what this meant.

Ask 013

Ask 012

"hey kids wanna buy an airship?" "YES."

Ask 011

You get a FUBA! You get a FUBA! Everybody gets a FUBA! [EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE]

I must say I’m disappointed with this one. Originally I’d planned to include an Evo or a Donk, but turns out bikes are insanely difficult to sprite. So, have a FUBA instead, even if it doesn’t exactly answer the question… Bleh.

Ask 010

It’s amazing how much people are willing to pay for walrus kidneys.

Ask 009

Fun fact: that is exactly 64 TNT, assuming it’s a square pyramid. Math!

Ask 008

"Smiff! Don’t close the door, my hands are- SMIFF! …I think some of the maggots fell in my shoe."

Ask 007

"-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT GFY!" [jumps out window]